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The British College (TBC) is a nationally leading education provider of to the students of Nepal who are looking for recognized international qualifications from UK universities. It was established in 2012 A.D. and is centrally located in the Trade Tower Business Center in Thapathali, Kathmandu. It offers international courses which are applicable to the current job market and works towards the enhancing every student’s employability as per the requirements of job markets. Thus, the college excels in quality through a distinctive and spearheading approach to learning as a pioneering institute in Nepal. The British College has been improvising its learning with the advancement of teaching methodologies as well as equipping with infrastructures that will help the students to get prepared for the competitive world of business. It brings together the best and brightest students from its academic programs offering advanced teaching methodologies. It is also a pioneer International College in Nepal that provides its students with international exposure and unparalleled experiences. The institution has a characteristic methodology that imbibes the local-to-global approach in the arrangement of its degrees and courses. A few of the highlights of the TBC are its student exchange programs and internships with multinational companies as its exceptional student experience. It also provides the best global training in Nepal through articulate coaches and managerial faculty staff from both the Countries of the UK and Nepal.
Programs at The British College
BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics program of The British College is a four years semester wise program of UWE. This program provides skills to tackle cyber threats and create digital evidences against the hackers. It produces competant and responsible cyber security professionals for public and private sectors. It also provides opportunity to work in in-house forensics, e-discovery and security teams , legal practices or police. The intakes of this program are in September and January each year.
A Level
The British College’s sister organisation, The British Model College (BMC), offers prestigious Cambridge Assessment International Education A Level courses. Established in 2013, the College is registered with Cambridge Assessment International Education (Centre Number NP 744) and has received approval from the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal. Subject combinations offered at this College prepare students to enter a variety of fields, including engineering and medical colleges, higher education in the liberal arts or pure science; or pursue further study in ICT, accountancy, or management. The College offers a limited number of scholarships to highly meritorious but financially restricted students.
ACCA Programme
The British Professional College, owned by TheBritish College, Kathmandu offers the ACCA (Association of Chartered CertifiedAccountants) programme. ACCA is the largest body of an international accountancy. It has a coverage of 527,000 students and 219,000 fully qualified members spread across 179 countries worldwide. This global course is the ideal study route for students in accountancy, management, or finance.
BBA (Hons) Business and Management
The BBA (Hons) Business and Management degree is a 4-year course affiliated with UWE, in which students study one foundation year, before beginning their three-year undergraduate study. It is multidisciplinary in nature and can lead to many possible career options, whether in the private or public sector. The modules are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business, whilst developing their ability to work effectively as a group in a disciplined and structured environment.
BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management (BHM)
The British College offers international program called Bachelor of Science Honors Hospitality Business Management to provide knowledge and skills of hospitality business Management. The College provides a safe learning environment where students can experiment in learning. This course begins with a foundation year and three years of hospitality Management course structure awarded by Leeds Beckett University at the British College.
BSc (Hons) Computing
The B.Sc (Hons) Computing program is run in partnership with Leeds Beckett University, UK. The course focuses on computer programming, database development, networking, website development, systems modeling, and computer security. Students studying this course will gain highly sought-after skills in these fields and have the opportunity to work on real-world projects in the specialist area of their choice. This course is equivalent to BSc CSIT and BIT in Nepal.
MBA (Executive)
The MBA (Executive) programme offered by The British College is a professional career development program aimed to produce experienced business professionals. It requires at least two years of work experience in business. This program is provided by Leeds Beckett University UK and plays a transformative role to sharpen and hone executive level skills with strategic thinking for sound decision making. It also brings out leadership qualities and apply the leadership methods to achieve sustainable long term goals and move ahead towards growth and expansion of business enterprizes.
MSc International Business Management
The MSc International Business Management is provided in partnership with the University of the West of England, UK. It is designed for those who have recently completed their undergraduate degree and wish to progress to a career in management within a corporation, government, or international organisation. The primary aims of the programme are to equip students with an advanced understanding of the concepts and current/pervasive issues within international business, as well as developing their analytical and research skills, so they are able to make reasoned and creative contributions to business and management practice.
MSc Information and Technology
The MSc Information and Technology integrates the technological and business aspects of modern IT. It is run at TBC in partnership with Leeds Beckett University, UK. This program address the need for a high demands of skilled and trined Human Resource with IT knowledge at both the private and public sector. This academic program fills the current digital skills gap by providing the skill sets required to succeed in the IT industry. The College adhere the adaptable method of learning that allows students to choose their studies to meet both professional and personal needs/objectives.
MBA Graduate
The MBA programme offered by The British College in Kathmandu is a career-oriented programme delivered in partnership with Leeds Beckett University, UK. The primary aim of the programme is to provide postgraduate level knowledge, understanding, and skills that prepare students for their career in business and management. Throughout the programme, students have the opportunity to develop their management and leadership style in order to think more strategically in uncertain business environments.

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