Indian national arrested with Rs 1.6 million

An Indian national was arrested with Rs 1.6 million by the District Police Office, Bara on Saturday. He was apprehended as he failed to mention the source of the money. Police made him public today.
Ranga Desh Kushahawa, 30, of Motihari district, India was taken under control from Motiarwa Chowk of Kalaiya Submetropolis-19. Kushahawa was riding a motorbike (B22N 5014) when the police intervened him and confiscated 1,300 denominations of Rs 1,000 and 600 denominations of Rs 500 as he could not mention the source of the cash, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajesh Thapa. Further investigation into the case is going on, it is said.

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